Blackhawk Technical College


Manufacturing Information Technician


  • Evaluate and repair PC hardware components and peripherals
  • Apply effective customer satisfaction and field service techniques
  • Evaluate and administer PC software applications
  • Compare LAN and WAN physical and logical fundamentals
  • Evaluate, administer, and repair network hardware
  • Apply PC system evaluation, installation, configuration, diagnosis and repair skills in the workplace
  • Perform IT related tasks in multiple environments to include office and manufacturing
  • Apply basic understanding of manufacturing communication protocols.
  • Evaluate, administer, and repair wireless networking components and the devices that use them.
  • Evaluate and install helpdesk software
  • Apply proper helpdesk services
  • Evaluate, administer and troubleshoot PC and Apple devices.
  • Evaluate, administer and troubleshoot Windows, Apple, and Linux operating systems
  • Compare different types of virtual machine systems.